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Industrial Coatings & Access Pty Ltd (ICA) are an industrial fabric maintenance services company with over 30 years industry experience.

Industrial Solutions

We currently provide our services to several clients in the Renewables, Marine and Oil & Gas Industry sectors.

Preparation is the key to success in all projects. By getting involved in the preparatory stage of the project we can define and check all the details to guarantee that it proceeds safely, smoothly, on schedule and within budget.

Trade Experts

ICA teams are experts in their trades. We are responsible for all our specialist access systems including V- Deck, rope access and scaffold. ICA will only select the most appropriate access technique to ensure the safe and efficient execution of the work scope.

Efficient & Effective Solutions

We have delivered our services while maintaining an impeccable safety and performance record. this has enabled us to establish an impressive reputation with all our valued customers and with our quality and commitment to deliver we have strengthening our business and service offerings through repeat business.

What we do

ICA provide multi-discipline teams to carry out a range of specialist tasks to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Delivering exceptional service, quality & value.

ICA assure the integrity & extend the lifespan of our customers assets.

 What Clients Say...

It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Tommy Whittleton. I have worked with Tommy on numerous contracts over the last three years. In this time I have found Tommy to be a Very Hard working and conscientious person who is never afraid to take on a new challenging task. Tommy has very high safety leadership skills, he is a self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. During the three years I have known him Tommy has proved he is very competent in Coating Condition Surveys and Inspections from working on the workface to the supervisory role he has Demonstrated high levels of experience and the ability to maintain positive working relationship with both the team and the client all to a very high standard.

Stephen Sissen | F.M. QA/QC Engineer

I have recently worked in conjunction with Tom and ICA on some consultancy work and I have to say that the professionalism & knowledge along with the experience was very encouraging, had no issues with problem solving and enhancing the specification to ensure that a project would be a lot more streamlined and efficient, also one of the main things that sticks in my mind is how serious ICA take health and safety of the workforce and others, I would seriously recommend any company to engage with Tom and the team in future projects.good luck Tom for the future.

Steven Slack | Contracts Manager at Ferrous Protection Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Tom while working on the same project, I found Tom to be very professional & have a vast knowledge of protective coatings, inspection & all round FM. While I was inspecting the work he was completing his acceptance of intervention & willingness to assist my inspections was commendable. I would not hesitate to work along side Tom again.

David Wright MICorr | NACE LEVEL 3 - Offshore Fabric Maintenance Engineer at ALTRAD - Cape Qatar

I have known Tom for a approximately 20 years, and he has been my Painting Supervisor on my last couple of jobs. He is a very friendly guy & very approachable who knows how to get the most productivity safely out of any workforce & still keep them happy, I am looking forward to working as part of a team with Tom in the driving seat as he always knows how to plan the job and the men around him to get the best quality of work there is to be had. I would recommend Tom to be part of any company as he 100% dedicated to his reputation for good quality.

Graeme Olley | Owner / Director of Sky Abseiling Services

I have known Tom for many years now and I can say that he is one of the most honest,thoughtful and professional people I have had the pleasure to do business with. We have worked closely on several high profile contracts to acheive the same goal, customer satisfaction where health and safety comes first combined with value for money and complete reassurance of the work in hand I would highly recommend Tom for anything associated with your business needs relating to his specialist field.

Rob Donaldson | Managing Director at R & D Insulations Ltd